Myth & Mirage is a competitive hack and slasher that pits you and your friends against the world. Escaping from the Tombs of Oasis will require all the skill you and your team can muster as you face down vicious monsters, deadly traps and other players who'd prefer your loot is in their bag. Fight, Loot and Extract with your haul from the darkest dungeons and test your unique build against others in the Arena to climb the leaderboards!

Combining all the best elements of combat from ARPGs, replayability from Rogue-likes and social aspects from MMOs to give players an unforgettable experience and the freedom to build characters the way they want. Whether that’s throwing waves of fireballs, spinning through hordes of enemies, keeping them at a spears distance or just sitting in town and playing the economy, there’s something for everyone to experiment with.

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Game Modes

Image of a rogue character with his bow drawn surrounded by enemies

Endless Survival

Defeat endless hordes of enemies and stack your coffers!

Image of a procedurally generated tileset for dungeons


Compete against other players in a procedurally generated dungeon and find the portal to escape with whatever loot you can get your hands on. 

Image of a gladiator arena


Put up your dukes and fight to the death for glory, honor and your opponent's loot!


Image of a warrior swinging his sword


Uses raw strength to charge into any situation

Image of a rogue with his bow drawn and aimed towards the sky


Utilize stealth and mobility against your enemies

Image of a mage casting a fireball


Teleport around your foes and conjure the elements



The bread and butter of any RPG and that is no exception here. Pilot your character with WASD or click to move. Zoom, pivot and tilt your camera real time for the perspective you want.  Wield weapons with unique animations and special abilities. Each class has their own dedicated abilities as well! Spiders will leap at you, grunts will shoot flamethrowers and skeleton mages will summon demons to swarm you! Each enemy will require a unique approach, whether you're facing monsters or other humans.

Image of a warrior spinning his sword through a horde of demons


You may be limited by what you can carry in a match, but with 10 tabs your stash will satisfy even the greediest hoarder! Includes controls to easily move items between inventories and a crafting system to customize your gear and perfect your builds even further.

Image of a jigsaw inventory system full of items


Featuring a player driven economy with unrestricted player to player trading. Players can exchange gold for diamonds (premium cosmetic currency) one-way to help stabilize the value of gold. Sell any item to vendors for a base gold value relative to rarity. Supply and demand determines the rest!

Image of two players trading items


Image of an amulet called Crusader's Amulet which has crit damage and cast speed attributes
Image of a longsword
Image of a bow called Iskandr

What would an ARPG be without items to customize your character? Take build crafting to new levels with over 100 attributes to add to items! 


Image of leaderboard for Escapes, Player Kills and Survival Rounds


Climb to the top in 15+ different categories to prove to everyone you're the best!

Image of a feedback system with features each with a 5 star rating


Your opinion is very important to us, so we've implemented an in-game feedback system! Give your 1-5 star rating over a range of topics and even attach a message with your submission. Your rating will be aggregated with everyone else's and displayed in the average. You can also vote for a topic to tell us what you think we should prioritize at any given time.